Under Offer (a documentary about estate agents)

About the documentary

Real Impact Productions have been granted unrestricted access to a leading West London Estate Agent. We have been following two agents from their Hammersmith branch for the past 6 weeks, in the office, out on viewings and at rest, when they join many of their colleagues from other branches to relax.

The past weeks have revealed a complex and personal aspect to being an estate agent in the fast moving and cut throat London property market where 'winning the instruction' is king.

The sacrifices they make in order to get the 'deals', the bitter in-fighting amongst their colleagues and other agents, and some of the shocking and revealing encounters they have when entering people's homes. This is more than just a documentary on their job, it shows a deeply personal side to what is regarded as one of the most disliked professions in the country.

Love them or loathe them, we all need to use one at least once in our lives.
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The second trailer is now available to view.

Meat The Team

James Estate Agent sign Charlotte
James Charlotte

es·tate a·gent (ih-steyt ey-juhnt)

noun British
1. a person that arranges the selling, renting or management of your property
2. a real-estate agent; realtor
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